what you may have missed...

a car in each hand = priceless
future contractor...this kid is in love with tools...esp his hammer and hard hat

elmo and foster watching veggie tales...notice foster's in the "zone" - the "i love t.v." zone. uhg. this kid loves his movies way too much!

attack of the post-its!

decorating the tree with monkey, puppy and froggie...

awaiting baby...too huge and pregnant for words, or hugs!

foster and friends going for a drive...

paying in the sink...we go through a lot of towels to say the least :)



august 2003 - honeymooners

ah, bermuda. the best place on earth to be with my lovie.

will we ever get back there again? will i ever look this good in a two peice? lets hope we can get a YES to both of those questions :)


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