do the robot

"mommy, make a fosie robot."

"robot's don't eat m&m's?"

space travelers

there are times when a visit to the upper atmosphere
isn't such an outlandish request.

thus, i present these photographs
documenting recent travels...


cookie monsters in action



sometimes what is left over
is an excellent baromiter for the fun comitted.
this morning, my kitchen was a flutter with
cookie monsters in the making (3 to be exact)

although i was a bit destracted by all of the cookieing
and didn't get a picture of the cookiers in action
i think you can see the fun that occured
from the mess that was left in it's aftermath.

this is one of those times when cleaning up
brings a smile
because it's all worth it
when the cookie crafting reward is tasted

jumpity jumpers

we partied like moon jumpers
to celebrate kyra's 2 years

it was by far the best kind of party possible.
anytime a full size moon bounce castle is involved, there is bound to be fun in abundance.

even mr. rowan got into the action


snow tiger

i'll be honest.
i'm not a snow bunny.
i want to be.
ok, i want to want to be.

but my son
is more than a snow bunny.
he is a snow tiger.
a snow entrupenure.
someday, i'm sure, he will start some sort of profession using only snow.

my only weapon for foster "time to get out of the" snow removal was a warm cup of hot coco with extra marshmellows.
oh the crying.
oh the begging.
oh the cuteness of it all.

cheers also to the inventor of hot coco.
i'm sure you had a 2 year old.
because you're a genious.


skin canvas

sometimes running out of paper is a good thing
it creates creativity which in turn creates
a belly full of fun
a camera full of funnies and
a bathtub full of blurred colors

cheers to you washable marker inventor.
i'm sure you were a 2 year old.
because you're ingenious.


best things at the beach

sand trucks

football fingers

cold lips

chasing foster
ultimate aunt
fast fosie
polar bear run

flying foster

make your own fun
sandcastle daddy

windblown beaches

foaming foam

guitar guys

sandy sands

laughs with papa

frizbee frolicking

family portraits

brown family kitchen

puppy practice

beeb and the bball boys

leaning tower of uncle steve

windy hair


red handed

upon discovering my child with an item that was specifically placed up high where little hands can't reach...

me: "foster! that's not a toy....where did you get that?"
foster: "i bought it!"


future photo tographer

i have no idea why my child is so obsessed with my camera.

i mean, it's not like i have paused in the middle of an entire room full of catestrophic spillage to snap a candid shot. (oh, wait. yes i have.)

at least i never pulled over to the side of the road to take a quick pic of a sunglass toting toddler.
(oops, did that too.)

thank goodness i've never fed my child with one hand while snapping a food filled shot with the other hand. (wow, i really need to pay more attention.)

i'll be honest... once or twice i have dressed my children up in rediculous articals of clothing just to document their cutie-cuteness.

i guess it's no surprise that foster picked up my camera this morning and somehow knew exactly how to use it.

within moments he had snaped an action shot of my surprise at his natural photo tographer abilities.


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