bowling for strikes...er uh, to break 100

saturday night was like old times.
no kids, great friends and pretzel bites (my personal fav)
thanks to rick's big 3-0 we celebrated a birthday in style
bowling style :)

it was filled with...

my perfect bowling form (although that doesn't necessarily translate into perfect bowling scores :)

clint's camera shyness

mr. birthday

a minor candle emergency

the classic posed group picture
sans mr. and mrs. chicago :(

not-so-angry eyes

angry eyes


scrambled eggs


still backing up.
now a whopping 42.8% done
the estimated time for total completion?
1.8 weeks according to Mozy.

it is already too late.
my computer is full.
my harddrive is full.
my 5 memory cards are full.

today target helped me purchase another external harddrive.
so now i have 2 external harddrives, both of which have more memory than my entire laptop and an online backup service, and a camera happy finger that can't seem to stop pulling the triggor.
i think i'm all set.
no more backing up for me.
before i know it i'll be running a counciling center for excessive backer-uppers like myself.



so i have this reoccurring nonsensical dream.
one of the various rediculous thoughts that haunt me randomly.

(second only to the one where my teeth fall out, or the one where i am pregnant with a baby attached to a USB cable)

i have an extreem fear of loosing files.
i have so little physical proof of any of the digitally moments that we capture.

all of my kids everythings are captured (in duplicate and triplicate and ocotcate??) and are stored on my harddrive.

and then my pewney harddrive filled up and started shutting down (which is silly because i am so good at slimming down the number of pictures that i take :)

so now they are all on my little side drive.

but i have a nightmare that the house will burn down and i will forget to grab it as i scale down the side of the house carrying 2 kids, my grandpa's bible and the letter clint wrote me for our 5th anniversary.

i just can't think about loosing these files anymore.
my peace of mind needs rest...oh does it ever need rest.

so i installed

and as it "mozy's" through my files and copy's them to a land far far away
my worries begin to fade somewhat.

although after 6.4 hours it has only copied 3.4% of my files (thanks again slow computer coupled with slow internet)

i feel better already.
3.4% of my digital children are safe.
i'll be sure to get 3.4% more sleep tonight.


the best things in life...

are dirty.

our garden has become our weekend delight.
although still in the construction phase....
we enjoy every moment.

and we all want to be "just like daddy..."


i was supposed to be painting...

revenge of the doors

a few weeks ago i introduced our doors.

after being forced into standing submission, they have waiting patiently for their debut...one that had been postponed on various occasions, to the utmost disappointment of these stalk-like characters.

they proved that our misuse of their feelings was a mistake of vast proportion.

we spent an entire day...
a day without the kids, no less (usually spent in more relaxing ways)
from sun-up to long after sun down...

defending ourselves against the revenge of the doors.

though their slender profile may seem calm and demure, in time we found them cunning and sly.
their white exterior held a deep dark secret void of destruction.

they tried every trick in the book. they made us alter doorways, door knob holes, hinges, shims...we whittled, we put them on, then took them off....we redrilled and re-whittled...we put them on again only to find they were in cahoots with our doorframes...obviously some form of bribery had taken place.
you name it, they tried it.
we nearly lost our nerve and our will to survive their vicious and precocious attempts to defeat us.

ultimately, it's 10:49 pm.
we are exhausted.
11 doors successfully hung, although 5 don't have door knobs yet. 2 are yet unpainted. 8 out of 11 didn't go up easy and after 7 we almost gave up.

an entire house full of project has been started and left in mid-project.

at least my camera survived the wreckage to document a few of the battle scenes.

before and after the war:

beware of the doors.
they are always watching :)


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