fever pitch, er, uh...stitch

i've been burning the midnight oil recently

stitching and prepping and slicing, stitching some more.

i acctually did a bit too much slicing last night and took a nice chunk out of my left pointer with my rotery cutter...serves me right for getting overly ambitious in my cutting stance :)

i am still in a bit of shock over my recent surge in orders...
what i always dreamed would happen, and it is acctually happening!

my sweet and tender emery lin bags have become quite popular, and i just hope and pray that my little emery lin's will travel around and be loved by their new caretakers.

as i look at them, all prepped and ready to go, i can't help but love the work that went into them. so many hours. so many stitches. so much time that i mulled over their fabric combinations and their crafty floral accents.

i almost hate to let them go...
if only i had enough arms to carry them all i might just consider keeping them :)


farmer foster

we had a delightful afternoon at springton manor today.
tagging along with the mcintires, the boys were full of energy and skipped and climbed and tumbled their way through this perfectly picturesque park.

circa 2003, mr. clinto and i were wed at this very site...it brings back such fun memories of that day. i was trying to explain to foster the concept of getting married as we were driving, and i said, "mommy and daddy were married at springton manor farm. that's where we are going today! isn't that exciting?" foster thought for a minuet, and said, "were you married with the animals? can we see the animals? i want to see a goat." i guess i should expect that animals are much more exciting than my wedding story to a 3 year old boy...but seriously, this kid has animals on the brain ALL the time. he is always pretending to carry one, or save one, or put a bird in a nest, or carry a baby penguin, or feed a mommy monkey, or chase a giant hippo. it will be interesting to see how this love of animals plays out in his life....but for right now, all i know is this kid needs a pet :)

more pics


superpower needs

i've always been stumped by the superpower question.
you know on those cheesy email chain surveys with life determining questions like "coke or pepsi". (the answer is, of course, coke :).

last night, as i struggled to fall asleep even though i was totally exhausted (thank you insomnia), it hit me.

i really wish i didn't need to sleep.
that would be my superpower. the girl who doesn't need sleep.
think about it.
what if no one needed to sleep. ever.
24 hours of awake time all the time.
imagine how fulfilling it would be to have so much more time to fulfill your dreams.
chat unsleepily with your husband.
rock your babies as they snooze peacefully.
get your law degree.
peruse a magazine uninterrupted.
wipe the dust bunny base boards.
learn a foreign language.

whoa, wait a minuet, that would mean that babies and toddlers wouldn't sleep either...
oh snap. that's not going to work.
ok, i've got it. brilliant!
it would be like a rite of passage. 12-14 hours of sleep required per day for all those under 18 years.
upon 18th birthday, BAM! no more sleep required.
just in time for college cram sessions, procrastination for your statistics 101 exam, and fun beach weekends with your new college gal pals.

sleep is probably one of the needs that i dislike the most
because i need it so much.
i cherish it. loath the lack of it. feel forced to learn to cope with life in it's absence.

when you think about it, our needs define us.
they embody our human-ness.
what and how and who we choose to let in to heal, protect, and nourish our needs also defines us.
we can't fathom a world without need.
it is so foreign, it doesn't make sense.
the very basis of who we are is based on need.

i need sleep. my superpower would probably just make me even more wasteful of my time and cause me to long for a well rested break from the busyness of life.

amazing how we were created with just what we need.
and yet also created with a need for something more that we can't get on our own.


me vs. october

we have a spare bedroom which was converted into my sewing room.
i say "converted" loosly because it was really more of a hostile takeover.
last night, i entered my land of fabric swatches, in-process projects and general serenity to find the temperature to be akin to that of a screened in porch...maybe verging on outdoor tool shed.

my husband's oversized hoodie and my comfy pants were no match for it's frigidity.
i relinquished and brought out the space heater which has a nifty temperature gauge to read the current temperature.
58 degrees.
i'm no internal temperature professional, but i think this is below living stanards.
thank you slip-shod 1973 construction and gaping window valences.
i now sew in a winter coat, scarf and mittens.


today's quote

"mom, i'm not married yet.
i'm gonna get married when i have long hair."


doughnut day

8:23 am.
we were post-breakfast but at a loss for activities to fill the day ahead.
whining quickly made a turn dangerously close to approaching the meltdown zone.
it's in the approach to meltdown that some of my most fantastic ideas are born.
perhaps it's my knowledge that meldown recovery is a slim and slippery slope and avoiding it by destraction tends to bode better with our day, or perhaps it's my innate procrastination that always comes through at the last minuet...

regardless, my fantasticness was quite spontanious today.

upon finding 2 nearly expired coupons, an unexpected trip to the doughnut shop was sure to retract the looming meltdown.

i gumby armed my keys and wallet and plunged all of our bare feet into our shoes without thinking twice about our night time clothing status.

after all, pj's and shoes with no socks is perfect surprise doughnut attire.

i seldom allow a doughnut indulge, so when i divulged our plan, their excitement was contagious.

en route, i happened to catch a glimpse of my discheveled appearance, so i drove past the walk-in dunkin 1/2 mile from our house and devised it would be better to travel accross town to a spot more akin to keeping my short-shorts and slightly unsightly hoodie from making their pulic deput. i made our trip into a thrilling hunt for a drive-through as we scoured the surrounding buildings for the perfect location.

at last. doughnuts for them. iced coffee a-la-me

it's always the little things that are the most entertaining.
we talked for an entire day about sprinkles and doughnut shops and doughnut making and anything and everything somehow came back to our morning doughnut surprise.

i love days that make memories.
today was a great one.


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