{emerys homecoming}

(photo: august 2011 - 2 weeks home)

(photo: april 2012 - 9 mo home)

(photo: may 2013 - almost 2 years home)

my favorite posts & our adoption timeline...
starting in 2008 when i wrote of the deep love God was building in my soul and following our journey of life together as a family... this is our collection of thoughts and surgeries, healing and mountains of love. there is something so immeasurably fantastic about this little girl. she is a deep and profound blessing and it is a joy to share a piece of what we experience each day together.

** THIS SECTION IS UNDER CONSTRUCTION....please excuse the crazy links that will soon be cute thumbnails :) until then, here is our crazy long, awesome journey...and about 150 posts to prove it.
http://www.angiedweldon.com/2011/05/tea-time.html crying at church and crazing missnig her
http://www.angiedweldon.com/2011/07/i-think-ive-cried-at-least-7-times-ok.html prepping to leave and looking back at god providing
struggling to fnid balance
http://www.angiedweldon.com/2011/09/plight-of-ugly-pants-with-side-of.html plight of the ugly pants and getting adjusted and scootching

7/25/2012: Gotcha Day Celebration ice cream party!!

7/25/2012: 1 year GOTCHA DAY aniversary! a year in photos

4/23/12: healing and the ultimate love

2/10/12: the post i really don't want to write

1/17/12: adopting...lots and lots of babies

12/28/11 surgery scheduled for: lip and nose reconstruction
surgery day prep
it's over!
day 1 with pics
post op (with pics of hospital)

12/14/11: cleft lips for all post

9/26/11 palate surgery (hard and soft palate)
my warrior
the best moment of my life.
finally home
birthday gift

9/1/11  we moved (for the 3rd time this year)

8/3/11  EMERY IS HOME!!!

7/25/11 Gotcha Day!!!  read about it here
here are links to more of our wonderful time in china with our sweet baby girl!!
day 2 {we love daddy}
oh jetlag, you're awesome
so much to say, so little time
the longest post in history
day 1 in guangzhou
our last day, then homeward bound
the red couch home!!
homecoming pics!!
soaking in the splendid

7/5/11 Got TA!!!! praise the Lord! we leave July 23rd to meet emery and bring her home on Aug 3rd!

6/9/11  Artical 5 processed!!

5/13/11 Got pdf from NVC that our I800 is being "cabled" or "emailed" to china! it will be given to the chinese consulate for review with our LOA and emery's visa. in approx 2-3 weeks we will have our Artical 5. 2-3 weeks after that we should have our travel approval!!

5/4/11 - I800 Approved!! Recieved I800 approval in the mail on 5/9/11 - now awaiting NVC .pdf and then it's on to get our Artical 5 (whatever that is :). after we get our Artical 5...we are on to the last and best step...travel approval!!

4/25/11 got our I800 confirmation in the mail - our application is in process.

4/18/11 I800, I800A, LOA, I864W, full english and chinese refferral, artical 16, training letter OVERNIGHTED to USCIS!! Praise the Lord! should know more about our timeframe in 2 weeks.

4/16/11 biometrics approval came!!

4/7/11 I800A homeland security biometrics appointment date - FINALLY!

2/25/11 GOT OUR LOA!!!! now waiting for biometrics approval so i can send in I-800 form. next up...TRAVEL APPROVAL!! getting closer, baby!

1/20/11 homestudy update. now i am working on homeland security updates and other clearance updates.

12/17/10 after a surprise email and referral....WE FOUND OUR DAUGHTER!!! she's in china :) her name is Jing Liu and praise God, the wait is over! she is lovely and amazing and all that i dreamed! i will fly to china and bring my baby home sometime in the spring of 2011!!!

12/7/10 our official LID (log in date) with the CCAA (china center for adoption affairs)!!! hip hip hooray! we might just have a summer baby afterall!!!

11/24/10  we moved (again)

i drove our dossier to our adoption agency! hooray! this is what we have been waiting for during the past 1 and 1/2 years!!!! in approx 2 months we can start looking at profiles of children! i'm SOOO thrilled i can hardly believe it!!

We are approved by department of homeland security!

We were approved for international adoption from the department of homeland security!
Got our biometrics clearance.
Now waiting to hear about grants.
Saving. Making LOTS of Emery Lin Clutches :)
Prepping dossier.
Still waiting. Still hoping.

7/3/11  Clint lost his job today. We are not losing hope. God will provide!!

Our I-800 form was mailed to the department of homeland security for international adoption approval. it should be back to us in the next 2 months. 
In the meantime we are applying for lots and lots of grants and working on a fundraiser. 

Homestudy - DONE!!
Awaiting final homestudy paperwork in order to file I-800 form.
After I-800 form comes back, we will be able to submit our dossier to China!!

4/17/10 moved into temporary housing to save funds for adoption

sold our house!!

applied for Criminal, FBI, Child Abuse Clearances. got medical exams. got copies of birth certs. marriage certs. copes of all financial documents. copies of every bill and utility and health insurance. got letters of emplyment. renewed passports. got things notorized. made tons of photocopies.
went a little crazy :)

mailed our application for adoption to Living Hope Adoption Agency

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