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our OBX beach week has converted me.

so long hypodermic needles and frothy foam, my new favorite hot spot for spotting the hottest rays is the n.c. coastline. boasting more than favorable daily doses of perfection, we awoke each day to find the sun's beams breaking day on lofty breezes and warm wavelings.
our lathered and sand toy toting selves descended upon the sand only to find it more delightful than the day before. as a light breeze would graze our cheek, we would gather and chase and bathe and dig and splash with our offspring. we lunched on pb&j's and grapes and best-friend conversations for 6 days straight. it was perfection.

my sweet rowie, who is quite fair-see-through-skinned, needed a 2.6 day adjustment period. after much erroneous weeping, we scored a kid-sized chair in the shade where he could be found for the next 3.4 days.
he snacked on grapes. he splashed from upon his chair into his sea-water filled bucked. he shoveled sparingly and learned to love the lounge capabilities of the beach. he even took a snooze upon my shoulder, much to his delight and mine. there is nothing like a warm beach snooze to cure the the sandy little boy blues :)
but i think we would all agree, that our pool-side cabana was truly the winner of the week. not only did we have a drop-dead gorgeous beach house upon which to lay our head, but whilst our 9 children napped simultaneously, our afternoons were spent corona style betwixt our in-ground, 89 degree watering hole, or soaking in the 103 degree hot-tub. although the pool lacked slightly in girth, it gained dramatically in it's kid and adult friendly atmosphere. it became our afternoon launchpad into total stress remission. i can still feel the sun now...beating down on our nicely browned tookases as we laughed and cheered until the children awoke.
i could go on and on. and really, i should have stopped 4 paragraphs ago, but i can't help it. it was the best vaca ever.

here are my favorites from the week...
boys and toys


rowie's blues
beach chair love

celebrity sightings

glitter glue sticks

wavy walks

apparently, i didn't know i was the only one facing the wrong way!

cheesy boy band album cover

cheesy boy band album cover insert

father-son/father-daughter time
clinto & rowie
mr chicago & violet
rick and miss kendall
pack & cory
sandy things
(thanks kesh for capturing this extreemly sandy moment :)
foster's fiance
water waders

me with only one leg :)

miss chicago

glowing whilst gluing

my most favorite shot of the week:

foster takes flight

driving to the beach...

we happened upon this darling produce stand as we approched the beach...

the best part, aside from the isiles of home grown goodness, was a photo op in front of our (foster's) favorite item in the whole world: a mac truck.

so here it is.
foster, this one is for you:

swimming lessons


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