my confessions & an update

i have a confession to make.
ok, two.
the first: i totally forgot i have a blog. somehow, someway, this thing that has been a part of my life for years has suddenly found itself off of the radar. and most days, i don't miss it. afterall, i have instagram. anyone else obsessed with instagram? it rocks.
until i look back and remember all of the life i documented. the stuff i hardly can recall without literally reading my own words about it. and i realize i will never remember anything if i don't take the time to write it down. i think mom brain has taken it's toll in such a way that i literally cannot retain even the slightest amount of recollection.
anyone else? can i get an amen?

confession two.
life is busy. too busy, in fact. i'm a homebody. i love being at home with my kids. no outside influences. we can just talk and laugh and play. when they were little, i never went a day without going somewhere. a playdate, the mall, the park, an adventure of some sort. but sometime around emery coming home and cocooning for a year, i realized i don't need to be distracted. i don't need to push myself to keep up with everyone else. in fact, i can fully admit that i can't even keep up with what i've got going on. my ever expanding humongous pile of school papers and bills and random paperwork is proof of my inability to keep up. let alone the ridiculous piles of everything i am ignoring so i can write this post.

so the update?

i've been hunkering down.
i've been trying to let go of my desire to do everything.

and, i've been working. for the first time in my mom life, i have a real stay-at-home job...as a writer, no less. with a little bit of marketing thrown in. (can you say dream job???)
it's been awesome. hard. very tough to balance, but awesome.

i'm working for a very cool company called, beachTuff. my sister in law, Julie, started the company and redesigned her Dad's beach cart invention that he created 15 years ago. she made her Dad's dream an amazing reality and after much sweat and hard work, it is finally in production!
you can see how it works here...

(ps. that's my voice on the voice over! and we shot half of this video in my living room! at the last minuet we needed shots of the product in action...and so i turned my living room into a studio. it was such a fun learning experience and i have high hopes for our next video after we make it big...it's going to be awesome!!)

so that's the recap.

what's new with you, dear friends?



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