good day turned great

things that make a good day turn great:

skipping rocks and wet sneakers:

chocolate pudding face:

little brother:

kendall's pink phone:

finger paint masterpiece:



dedicated to love
dedicated to you
dedicated to your hopes and dreams and arms full of hugs
dedicated to summer mud, and winter flakes, to sticks and sneakers and hands full of matchbox cars
dedicated to teaching you Truth and talking about it everyday
dedicated to tissues for tears and healing kisses
dedicated to all the things that make you smile and that make my heart leap
everything that is you: i hold with open hands
everything that is me: i give to you
my little boy, my little friend, my little ro-row
happy dedication day lovie.


me, you, us

7:32 PM: brusters
me: mint chocolate chip & strawberry cheesecake in a cup
you: coconut cream pie & strawberry in a waffle cone
us: date night. no kids. sunroof open. cool evening breeze. words and laughs. 4" heels that gave me blisters in 4.9 minutes. a chance to wear hot pink heels on date night...worth the pain :)


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