her voice.

i learned many things during my long weekend away...most of which i won't ever be able to express because of the deep impact on my life.
but when i came home, i rushed to her.
i held her as she slept.
i feel my heart longing to never, ever leave her side.
i am challenged and filled with courage as i walk this journey...this deep and wonderful journey together. her story is beautiful and yet contains great loss and heartache...what an honor to be the one to go to the hard places alongside of her as she finds her voice.

"find out where joy resides, and give it a voice far beyond singing. for to miss the joy is to miss all."
- robert louis stevenson

the mustache.

she's obsessed.

the LOVE.

i've been up since long before the sun came up with little wiggly people in my bed wanting snuggles and sips of water and who knows what.

as i lay in bed, exhausted and irritated about my lack of sleep, i look over at the LOVE on our bedroom wall.

it's more powerful than my exhaustion. deeper than my bad attitude.
able to brighten the darkest of mornings.

LOVE is something spectacular...and it's the LOVE that's keeping me smiling today.


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