our doors said thank you

we live in a constant state of project
we have a love/hate relationship
not with each other, but with the state of project

this month, we give a nod to 6 panel doors
out with the old (very brown, very old, very circa 1983)
and in with the new fangled, home depot sale circular, "drill your own doornob/hinge holes" doors
11 of them, to be exact
each one needing no less than 3 coats of brilliantly white paint
each one needing no less than 8 individual holes drilled by hand

in it's infancy, i projected our undertaking to interrupt our lives for no more than 3 nights of brushing, followed by a swift hardware install whilst the boys quietly nap on an enchanting saturday afternoon.

fast forward 1.5 months. our 11 doors still reside in my overtaken sewing room/spare bedroom. they look sad. depressed at un-use. their yellowed primer begs me daily for a face lift.

last night, we officially felt bad for our doors.
we embarked on what is sure to be a 10 year project.
we overtook yet another room of our home and filled it with wall to wall panels and distinctive brain melting paint fumes.
the kids slept.
we painted.
our doors said thank you.

we haven't told them about the holes yet.
we'll just let that be our little secret.
it's like going to the dentist when they say "ok, a little pressure now..." as they begin to drill into your root structure.

as a ray of hope...
one door that got a special treatment of love this morning.
i found a new use for our soon-to-be-replaced existing doors...
a makeover of a different kind...
that of the swift brush of my foster
who, apparently, enjoys painting with his teeth, better than his hands


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