thankful flu

we had all saved our appetites...saved them for our turkey day feast.
my parents had arrived.
the kids were seated.
it was time.
the food was arrayed and the forks were waiting in eager anticipation.
as we plunged our serving spoons into the mounded paprika potatoes, dipped a healthy serving of roasted apples and sweet potatoes, forked a slice of smoking hot turkey and overloaded our portions of my mom's famous mandarin orange/cranberry salad, we heard an all too familiar tone...

the tone that every mom knows a little too well...the lovely notes of sputtering puke.

yes, before our forks could ingest even a single morsel (save a bite of my favorite pumpkin chocolate chip muffins) my sweet foster was overcome with the flu.

a perfect pre-thanksgiving meal appetizer with a side of the strawberry milk i had given him an hour before, we were in full flu mode with towels and upholstery cleaner flying every which way.

but, in true foster fashion, even his 104.1 fever didn't spike his sweet spirit as he kindly answered "no thank you" when i asked him if he needed a drink, and a pleasant, "i'm feeling pretty sick mom" as his pale complexion shuddered under the cool forehead rags.

as of now, it's 1pm the day after turkey day and i am happy to report we are quite thankful. the flu, the fever, the puke has subsided. no other flu-goers have been reported thus far. hopefully we are one and done here at the weldon household.
ah, thanksgiving. always making memories :)


my masterpiece...

I spent an alarming 20-some hours last week creating these...including an entire day with my mom while my sweeter-than-life hubby took a day off to spend with the kids at the zoo so I could have 17 uninterrupted hours. Although I nearly quit at various points during the horrendous pattern that is the amy butler weekender bag...I was pleased with the final product. The sophia (smaller of the two) felt like a breezy walk on the struble trail in comparison. Hopefully my customer will be pleased with her new travel accessories.
I did learn an important truth whilst tackling the apparently untested pattern configurations and ill fitting seam components. I can admit my shortcomings. It seems that dark chocolates and pattern lingo have bested me. I'll stick to less brain boggling projects in the future, but look back with glazed endearment on the week I tackled my first real patterns.

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look-a-likes. 1982 looks shockingly similar to 2009

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my most lovely sister...gracing the pages of allure magazine...truly the most alluring page of all

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i want a baby....

although purchasing a set would mean i would have to choose my favorite design, which proves to be impossible :)

etsuko furuya

quite a mouthful to say, but i can't dream about this fabric enough. there is something so endearing. special. vibrant. about it's simplicity.

after pineing over it for several days (including it's quite expensive price tagging) i have ordered one 1/2 yard. not sure what will be created out of it's marvelocity, but i'm sure anything will look better when donned in this echino migratory bird masterpeice.


scratchy monkey

Kids have a funny way of attaching the whole family to a specific item. In our house, we are ever in love with scratchy monkey. Named for the way foster endearingly scratches his noggin, he is one of three identical monkeys purchased in case our scratchiest monkey happened to become estranged. Scratchy is easily identified from his peers by his disheveled stature. He is clearly the most worn. Chewed. Freyed. Loose. Payable. Loved. My foster snuggles and sleeps and carries and includes scratchy in all facets of our life. The car. The potty. The store. The ever popular baby in my belly scenario. Scratchy rides remote controlled jeeps and in the underseat compartment of fosters hotwheel bike. He high kicks with ease. He can fly faster than buzz lightyear and gives gumby a stretch for his money. He knows how to calm tears and wipe away fearful situations. I've even seen him dive from atop the highest banister a time or two. I don't know how long he will be in our lives but I must attest that I too love our scratchy friend. I've even become akin to his location at all times...a sort of scratchy gps homing device. He's our scratchy. You can't help but love his scratchy little face :)

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photog assistance

hey all you photo experts. i'm in need of your camera know-how.

i've been snapping away as usual, expecting my normal amount of d200 camera amazingness.
today was a balmy 70 degrees, sunny, perfection.
but all of the sudden i'm seeing blue...horrifying, washed out, putrescent blue.
see what i mean?

i know we are a naturally pastey family, but this is a bit too far :)
my settings must be all wrong, but i have no idea what to change.

i've tried on program (P). i've fiddled with apature priority (A). i've messed with the f-stop. i've cranked the iso. all to no avail.

any suggestions??

please help. we can't be a pastey blue family forever!

new look for fall: cow boots work with any ensemble.

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i can't seem to...

remember anything.

i have a serious brain spillage issue. things spill out and never return.
i have tried to remind myself 4 times that we need milk. it spills out every time.
i have written myself 8 notes to finish our berkheimer taxes (yeikes!)
i can't ever remember that i have a load of laundry in the washer. so i have to wash it again. (and again).
i have forgotten to make dinner at least 7 nights in a row. sad but true.
i totally forgot to write back to my dear friend denise...in fact i even forgot that she had written me in the first place!
it's not that these things aren't important, it's the sad and quite alarming fact that my brain just can't hold it's girth anymore.
i remember the days of ole when i would multi task the daylight out of problems in need of solutions. i could remember the slightest details and recall strange and wonderous facts.
i would even go so far as to remember to mail birthday cards and congradulatory notes ahead of time.
not so much any more.
what is it about me?
is it my newly aquired 30-something status?
is it my much over exposed brain power and newly faultering eyesight that should clue me in?
i think i am in need of one of those voice-recorders that they advertize for your keychains.
"get milk"
"pick up drycleaning" (well, we don't dryclean anything, but if i did, i'm sure i would need something to remind me to pick it up :)

ok, enough. i'm sure i have something that i should be doing right now...
if only i had written down what it was :)


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