{our story}

our story.
it's a whirlwind of love and adventure. here's the short version.
2002. i had just moved home to PA from north carolina (where i went to college) and walked into my kitchen to find a tall dark and handsome 4-wheeling guy with a steel blue jeep. said jeep had no doors and a huge tire rack on the roof. he was like rambo minus the headband and machete. anyhow...it was love at first sight. i got a phone call 2 days later. we went to dinner. talked for hours. went out the next 3 nights. the next day, i flew to  China for 6 weeks with my brother. i called him from the great wall. the day my feet landed on american soil, july 4th, we were a couple. 3 months later we were engaged. 9 months later we were married.  2 years later we sold everything and moved to china. (if you want to find out why we came back, read here). we have done so many things together, but my favorite times are when we do nothing.
we've since had 3 kids and so many fun and amazing stories of God growing our family.

we've moved nearly 14 times since we were married in 03...that's 14 more times than i would have liked and having 90% of our stuff in storage at the moment is a real peach. but learning and growing through transition puts me out of my comfort zone and into a new place of figuring out life and relying on God's providence.

(the crazy guy on the far left :)
an all-around talent of husbandry perfection. not only can he deadlift 5 sheets of drywall on any given day, but he gets up early to help tidy up a few dishes, misc toys or a load of laundry before he leaves for work. he's been known to spring out into spontaneous song and can often be found teasing me about my many ridiculousness's (like my crazy spelling, homeschooledness, or the fact that i can't ever remember to fill the car up with gas).
it's not unusual to find him crafting some type of home project and keeing many dreams alive. he often reminds me to think outside the box.
i love him more than i could ever write or say.
the freedom to just be...be yourself with someone. to have confidence in their love and acceptance. to have laughter and inside jokes. i love it. i love him.

he's my mr. clinto. my love.

(me on the left with my super sister in love, lauren, on the right)
notoriously over amitious and occasionally (ok more than occasionally) prone to procrastinate, i have a lot of creative energy. sometimes i paint. sometimes i sew. sometimes i meander. sometimes i devise great ideas that i'll never have time to attempt of accomplish. sometimes i just love a good friend and a cup of coffee (heavy on the french vanilla creamer :)

i hope that my kids and look back someday and know who i am, who we are, and who we were through the years. i hope that they see how much i treasure the little things and how much i treasure exactly who they are.

being a mom to my 3 kids is the greatest gift i've been given. i praise God for the blessing of living life with them, and for their wild energy, unquestioning love for God, each other, our family, and life. they don't miss any part of life as it passes by, and i love living life alongside of them.

first born, all around child prodigy athlete, completely sweet hearted, cuddle loving, car racing, high jumping, mud flinging, squirly maneuvering, cute glasses wearing, life loving boy.
i carried him in utero for his first few months while we lived in china. he loves that story. and so do i. he is full of precious memories. full of delight each day. i love seeing the world through his ever observant eyes and being in the moments of life with him. he doesn't miss a thing, and thanks to him, neither do i.

a lovie toting, smile wearing, dirt digging, no-look jumping, book loving, car enthusiast. he can shoot a basketball from a surprisingly difficult distance and can melt my heart in an instant, as well as anyone else within a 10 mile radius.

he is 30 yrs younger than me, and i am 30 yrs younger than my dad, who is 30 yrs younger than his dad.
his precious spirit has breathed life into me. he has the such an aptitude for love. he's my rowie-row.

our sweet and sassy little lady. we are constantly mesmerized by this little pint sized wonder who bops around toting a purse and following after her big brothers. she is constantly learning some new and amazing thing and keeps us giggling us with her silliness. she's spunky and kind, beautiful and humble, determined and compassionate. she's a blessing that can't be measured.
oh emery. i adore you sweet one!!

you can read more about emery's journey here: http://www.angiedweldon.com/p/our-adoption.html


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