my 38 weeks with you.

i've spent the past 38 weeks with you.
the smallest of the weldons, you feel very big to me.
the width of your growth has very nearly outgrown the real estate i have available :)

i've carried you and hugged you and felt you growing each and every day.
and i love you. i adore you, actually.
i long to know your features and to finally know you face to face.
to hold you with my arms and watch your siblings marvel at the wonder of you.

you have a lot of love waiting for you. i have a feeling, i'll be fending off little arms who want to hold you and take care of you, just so i can spend treasured time with you.

i dream great dreams for you. i pray over your sweet soul and the life God has given you. the life He has entrusted us with. and i ever-so joyfully await who you are and all of the personality and wonderful you bring to our family.

at the moment, week 38 is bringing lots of anticipation. your siblings have packed hospital bags full of toys and drawing materials and silly gadgets to show you. they want to be the first to hold you after you are born and ask every day how much longer. if only...if only i knew.
how about today? today is a great day to be born, little one!

thank you for being my child. for making me a mom again.
i love you and cherish you, my little darling one.


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  2. I'm new to your blog, but have been reading it often to get caught up. I didn't realize you were due any day! This post is so sweet - pregnancy is magical, isn't it? Can't wait to "meet" your newest little one!

  3. Such a sweet post.... can't wait to hear news of the little one's arrival... and pics of sweet baby toes. I ADORE sweet baby toes. Ask Amber H :) LOL!..... prayers for a great last few days and a smooth transition home with you all settling in to your new normal!

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